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Introducing Ruby Chain

Ruby Protocol's Layer2 For Abstraction

Ruby Chain represents a significant advancement in our ongoing mission to develop an intent-centric, interoperable, and privacy-enhancing infrastructure for the Web3 era. This move aims to establish a sustainable ecosystem that supports developers across a diverse range of use cases. Ruby Chain has the potential to facilitate the broader adoption of the Ruby Protocol, reshaping the landscape of decentralized applications.

Ruby Chain is built upon Layer 2 Rollup technology, integrating native support for Abstract Accounts within the Ruby Network. This technological foundation provides a user experience that mirrors the familiarity and convenience of Web2, delivering markedly faster transaction speeds and lower fees while maintaining complete compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) standard. By doing so, Ruby Chain bridges the gap between the efficiency of traditional web applications and the robustness of blockchain technology.

At Ruby Protocol, we believe the way we develop Ruby Chain significantly impacts how users and developers perceive this Layer-2. The core features and advantages of Ruby Chain are listed as follows:


Ruby Chain is meticulously designed to be highly accessible to developers. It provides an array of sophisticated tools, documents, and an intuitive blockchain browser.


This approach substantially lowers the barriers to entry, allowing developers of all skill levels to engage with blockchain technology. Enhanced development experience and operational convenience are central to our offering, empowering developers to innovate without the steep learning curve traditionally associated with blockchain development.

Powered by OP Stack


Ruby Chain is powered by the OP Stack, the advanced codebase that powers Optimism's next-generation architecture. The OP Stack comprises a series of interoperable modules that work harmoniously to form coherent, reliable blockchains.

This robust foundation ensures that Ruby Chain inherits the robustness, efficiency, and scalability inherent to Optimism's architecture, enabling a superior blockchain experience for developers and users alike.

Abstraction-Oriented Architecture

In alignment with Ruby Protocol's overarching vision, Ruby Chain is fundamentally intent-centric.


Our architecture abstracts the conventional complexities inherent to the crypto space, thus delivering a seamless and intuitive user experience. This design philosophy ensures that end users can interact with blockchain functionalities effortlessly without grappling with the underlying technicalities.

By abstracting these complexities, Ruby Chain democratizes access to blockchain technology, making it more user-friendly and widely accessible.

Better Transaction Capabilities


Like all Layer-2 solutions, Ruby Chain enhances Ruby Protocol's transaction capacity and functionality, offering better transaction speeds and cost-efficiency.

By optimizing transaction processing without altering the core network, Ruby Chain ensures that transactions are nearly instantaneous and highly cost-effective. This capability positions Ruby Chain as a competitor to traditional Web2 solutions, providing a robust platform for high-frequency and high-volume transactional applications.

EVM Compatibility


Ruby Chain’s compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is another advantage for developers.

This compatibility allows for seamless deployment or migration of Ethereum-based decentralized applications (DApps) onto Ruby Chain without necessitating code rewrites. Developers can leverage their knowledge and codebases, facilitating a smooth transition and expanding the potential for innovative DApp development on Ruby Chain.

Ecosystem Alliance and Collaborative Community

Ruby Chain is committed to fostering a vibrant and collaborative ecosystem.

We are now in the process of partnering with incubators, entrepreneurship camps, venture capitalists (VCs), and think tanks to create a dynamic support network for developers. Ruby Chain will offer comprehensive incentives through strategic initiatives that include technical support, product strategy guidance, resource integration, and financial backing. We aim to cultivate a thriving Layer-2 community that encourages collective success and drives innovation.