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The Key Functionalities

Ruby Chain incorporates a range of advanced features designed to enhance user experience and drive innovation in the Web3 space. Key functionalities include:

Multi-chain Account Abstraction (MAA)

A cornerstone of Ruby Chain’s capabilities is Multi-chain Account Abstraction (MAA). This feature transcends basic data control, unlocking many possibilities for users. MAA empowers individuals to potentially monetize their data within specific applications, converting personal information into a valuable asset. This functionality paves the way for novel financial opportunities, enabling users to benefit substantially from their digital engagements.

Native Account Abstraction

Ruby Chain aims to redefine account management by implementing EIP-7560, making account abstraction an intrinsic part of our Layer 2 solution. This ensures that every Externally Owned Account (EOA) operates as a Smart Account with native gas sponsorship, simplifying transactions and enhancing user experience.

Seedless Wallets

Utilizing EIP-7212, Ruby Chain offers cost-effective, intermediary-free access to Passkey and Webauthn technologies. Users can securely access their wallets using biometric authentication methods such as FaceID, providing a seamless and secure user experience.

Enhanced Performance and Cost Efficiency

In partnership with Celestia Data Availability (DA), Ruby Chain significantly boosts transaction processing speeds (TPS) and reduces gas fees, outperforming other Layer 2 solutions. This enhancement ensures a more efficient and cost-effective blockchain interaction.

Native Yield Opportunities

Assets transferred to Ruby Chain, including ETH, LST, and LRT, automatically generate yield through Ethereum staking and additional rewards. This feature provides users with continuous earning potential on their assets.

Decentralized Sequencer Network

Secured by the RUBY token, this decentralized network enhances security and distributes staking rewards and sequencer fees to node operators, stalkers, and developers. This setup cultivates a robust, community-driven ecosystem.

Ruby Ecosystem Grants

Dedicated tokens are allocated to support builders focused on advancing the Intent-Centric ecosystem. These grants are designed to accelerate the global adoption of Web3 technologies, fostering innovation and development within the Ruby Chain community.

To conclude, Ruby Chain is a technologically advanced, performance-driven platform offering features designed to enhance user experience, security, and financial opportunities in the evolving Web3 landscape.