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A Note of Responsibility

Ruby Chain operates exclusively on the testnet, serving as a sandbox and experimental environment. This designation underscores the critical nature of this phase, which is intended for rigorous testing, iterative development, and identifying potential issues before the mainnet launch.

As such, users and developers must understand that the testnet environment is inherently unstable and subject to changes. The Ruby Chain testnet should not be utilized for transactions or activities involving real assets or critical operations. Instead, it serves as a platform for experimentation, stress-testing, and refining applications without financial risk.

We encourage all participants to approach their work on the Ruby Chain testnet with a mindset of exploration and caution. Feedback and insights gained during this phase are invaluable and will significantly contribute to the robustness and reliability of the eventual mainnet.

By engaging with the Ruby Chain testnet, you acknowledge the experimental nature of this environment and accept the associated risks and responsibilities. We appreciate your collaboration and commitment to enhancing the Ruby Chain ecosystem during this pivotal testing phase.