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Ruby One V2

Ruby One

Ruby One, now upgraded to V2, is better, easier, and more powerful. It is an innovative Ethereum contract wallet, revolutionizing the design of traditional wallets. It offers users a pure Web application experience, eliminating reliance on browser plugins.

Users can seamlessly bring their Web 2.0 social login habits to the Ethereum wallet, enabling swift registration through Email. In terms of security, Ruby One utilizes secret sharing algorithms to decentralize private key storage, dividing it into three segments stored respectively on the application server, the user's local device, and Google Drive. This design not only simplifies private key management and reduces the cognitive burden on users but also ensures that a compromised segment does not expose the full private key. Furthermore, the wallet encrypts the locally stored private key segment using AES256 technology, further enhancing data security. In essence, through its unique design and technological implementation, Ruby One offers a sleek, efficient, and secure Ethereum asset management platform, safeguarding user assets while optimizing the user experience.

Ruby One, an MPC Wallet, is one of our answers to the many challenges faced by everyday users in and out of the crypto space.

Ultimately, Ruby One will act as a unified portal to the crypto space for beginners and pros. It is a safe place to buy, sell, store, transfer, and manage your cryptocurrency, allowing you an authentic but easy and comfortable crypto experience.